Breed: Australian Cattle Dog x Whippet

Weight: 39 lbs

Birthday: January 12, 2015

Personality: Whoever wins Desh's heart will be one lucky individual. Desh has the most gentle soul and is the sweetest. Desh is an easy dog in the sense that she is quiet, calm, and low energy - which are common characteristics of Whippets and Greyhounds. Desh never complains or wines, and seem to be appreciative of anything she receives. Desh is also independent and does well when left alone. Walks with Desh are enjoyable because she walks nicely on leash, is always quiet, and is nonreactive. But one thing for sure, this tall and slender beauty get lots of attention.

Desh is timid and reserved, mainly due to her unfortunate upbringing and poor socialization as a puppy. Therefore, she asks for time and patience to warm up to people. After she is comfortable, she is loyal and trustful.

Some of Desh's favorite activities include going for walks and car rides. Her favorite destination is the beach and the dog park. Desh is a nature-girl at heart and is the happiest laying in the grass or galloping through it.

Coat: Short, sheds

Training: Knows: "sit," "touch," "wait," "off," "potty time," "kennel" (goes into her crate), "bed time" (goes into the bedroom). Desh is learns words impressively fast and well. Walks very well on leash.

Potty trained: Yes but has not learned to alert people if she needs to go out. 

Health: Mild Valley Fever. Valley Fever is a fungus infection found in the soil in warm climate areas. Valley Fever is very common in Arizona and therefore, the medication is readily available and affordable. Desh's infection is mild and she has never shown any symptoms. Her vet believes that Desh has a high chance of recovery.

History: Desh spent her first two years in a shelter in Arizona. She practically grew up in a cage and received little socialization. When the shelter finally shut down, Desh was rescued and was put in foster care the fall of 2016. 

Later, Desh was adopted by a family in California. She was very adored and she received a lot of training. However, Desh was extremely fearful of one member of the household. After several months of trying to help her overcome her fear and seeing no progress, the family decided that Desh would be happier in another home.

Fostered in: Buena Park, CA

Type of home: Desh is looking for a person who is understanding, calm, and patient. She needs a home environment that is quiet.

Crate trained: Yes

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Kids: Yes

Good with Cats: Unknown


Adoption donation (non-refundable): $300

All dogs are fully vetted, heartworm negative, microchipped and up to date with vaccinations.

We will spay/neuter all of our dogs prior to adoption.  If a dog is not ready for operation, we will at a later date.


1. Submit Adoption application

2. Adoption application approval

3. Meet & Greet

4. Home check & Final Approval

5. 1 - 2 weeks of Trial

6. Adoption Contract is signed.


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