Lucas the Jindo mix Adopted!


Lucas got adopted! Lucas was rescued from a high kill shelter in Korea where he was scheduled be euthanized and came to LA with his other Jindo friends last fall. He watched all his friends going to a loving home and patiently waited for his turn. During the long lonely wait, he lost his confidence and became withdrawn. A month ago, he went to an amazing foster home where he rebuilt his confidence and became himself again. And yesterday he met his perfect family and went to his forever home today. Lucas's new dad was so happy to welcome him home and now these 2 will live happily ever after !

Lucas was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Korea where he was scheduled to be euthanized. A Jindo mix like Lucas normally has a very difficult life in South Korea. There are so many of them and they usually end up at a high kill shelter with almost 0 percent of getting adopted or become a victim of the dog meat trade.

Name: Lucas Age : 2 years Old Breed ; Jindo mix Weight : 35 lbs Neutered Male

Lucas is a gentle and sweet dog but needs sometime to warm up to new people and surroundings. He is more timid with men and will take longer time to open up to them. He is very smart and well behaved around the house. He does better when he has another (friendly) dog around him. Coming from a high kill shelter in South Korea, Lucas probably had some unhappy experiences that made him timid and lose his self confidence. This handsome dog will be a great companion to a family who can give him time and love until he can open up and be himself again. Lucas was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Korea where he was scheduled to be euthanized. Jindo mixes like Lucas has a very slim chance of getting adopted in South Korea. Lucas is afraid of loud noises so he will do better in a quiet environment. We are looking for a family who can provide stable and loving environment for this shy dog. He is not quiet a jogger or hiker and does not do well on walks outside of the busy streets. He needs a backyard where he can run around without being exposed to loud noises. Since he is more sociable when there's a friendly dog with him, a family who is looking to add another furry companion will be good as well. lucas-01








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