The secret to training your dog without even trying


The real "secret" to getting anything you want is to stop trying. A little counterintuitive I know, but true. As soon as you stop looking for something that's when you find it. Well, stop obsessing about that perfect dog. He doesn't exist. (Spoiler alert - the perfect spouse, child, parent, fill in the blank doesn't exist either.) It's very zen. But the secret to training your dog is to stop trying.

That doesn't mean you do nothing. Far from it. You still interact and engage purposefully with your dog. But from now on look at it as play not work. Stop overthinking and worrying. We humans always make things more difficult than they have to be.

To effortlessly and consistently improve your dog's behavior integrate the training into your life. Have your dog do a command or two or three for all life rewards. For example, have him come and sit before you feed him or have him sit and speak before you let him outside to do his "business". This way you are training your dog all day long without even thinking about. It literally puts your training on automatic pilot.

What does your dog find enjoyable in life? Food, toys, play, attention are all huge for your dog. Instead of wrestling him to the ground to put his leash on; have him sit. If you wrestle him to the ground and then clip the leash on and go for a walk you are actually rewarding him for getting so excited. Don't wait until you are pressed for time to practice this, do it randomly throughout the day when you have the time.

Remember 2 minutes here and there really adds up quickly. Your dog is learning something with every interaction you have with him. Are you teaching what you want or just acting out of habit?

So stop stressing about your dog - and start enjoying him! For more info or help getting started

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