Minky the Pomeranian Mix


Minky is sleeping well tonight in her very own forever home! Congratulations to Lyndsey and Terri!


Weight: 6 lbs Age: 5 months Personality: Very sweet, affectionate, active, playful Coat: Medium length, silky, soft, was matted when first rescued from the shelter, so some mats had to be clipped out. Hair is growing back in nicely. Training: Knows sit. Foster mom is working on basic obedience skills with her, but a puppy training class should be completed by the new owner. Potty trained: Yes, but not all the way. She is still a puppy so frequent trips outside are a must. Health: Excellent. Not spayed yet as she was too young. When she is spayed by the new owner, she should have her dewclaws removed. History: Minky was rescued from an animal shelter in South Korea by our President, who was there on business. Minky was matted and dirty, so she was sent to a foster family who cleaned her up and cared for her until she could be sent to the US to find a forever home. Mixed breed dogs have a hard time getting adopted in Korea, so she was sent to California to find her American Dream. Fostered in: Hawaiian Gardens Type of home: Families with children or active person, since Minky has a lot of energy! Loving people who enjoy training a puppy. She is very friendly to everyone. Even though she is small, Minky should be walked daily. Crate trained: YES Good with Dogs: YES, but must be adopted to a home without cats or dogs for now until after May 3. Minky was given her rabies vaccine in Korea too early for CA law, so she received another rabies vaccination. She needs to not live with other pets for a 1 month period. She can still go outside and for walks Good with Kids: YES Good with Cats: Unknown Adoption fee (non-refundable): $300

All dogs are fully vetted, tested for heartworm, microchipped, and up to date with vaccinations.




AdoptedJoseph Choe