Milo the Wheaten Terrier Mix was adopted!


Milo went from being tied up outside in the elements to today finding a loving home with the Minassian family! Thank you to everyone in S. Korea who helped with this truly remarkable boy! Congratulations!

Milo is an easy to care for, beautiful 34 lb. neutered Wheaten Terrier. He is nicely socialized, friendly, affectionate, good with both small and large dogs and mellow. He is a year and a half old.  Milo is such a GOOD BOY! He doesn't chew, bark, cry, whine or mark in the house! He is fully crate trained and well behaved. He's very smart and is learning basic obedience skills quickly. We have never heard him bark, but I expect he can. He just chooses not to bark! Milo is very healthy. He was treated for an ear infection in Korea, but is in very good health now. He's pure muscle and very toned, but gentle. He'd make a perfect family dog or for an active single person.

Milo was rescued from a South Korean high kill shelter. For a year, he was exposed to the elements and tied up all the time. He is a truly remarkable and well adjusted dog! It's amazing how sweet and good natured this precious boy is, given what he has endured in his life. Milo was sent to California since mixed breed dogs are virtually unadoptable in Korea. He was extremely matted when he first came to the USA, so his entire coat was shaved. He will have a gorgeous soft coat once it grows out. He looked very much like the typical slightly wavy Wheaten coat. Wheatens do not shed, but they do require regular grooming.

Milo is dressed up and ready to hit the town!

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