River the Brittany Spaniel was adopted his new name is Scotch!


River is a beautiful 33 pound Brittany Spaniel. He is a little underweight, but very healthy. Just a couple pounds and he will be good to go. River has a delightful personality and a gorgeous gait. He's just wonderful to watch playing and sniffing around the yard. He is affectionate, good with people, and with other dogs. River would be a wonderful candidate to train as a therapy dog. He is currently in a foster home in Fullerton. river River 1

River 2 River was neutered last month. He is 2 years old. He is not obedience trained yet, but he's a willing and smart dog and should learn quickly. River is crate trained and very quiet! He is a sporting dog in personality but not hyper at all. He plays with other dogs but isn't bouncing off the walls.

River was sent to America by a dog rescue group in Korea. Medium and large breed dogs have a difficult time getting adopted in Korea, since they prefer very small dogs. We don't know his background beyond that. He was clearly well socialized by the rescue group.


AdoptedJoseph Choe