Stella has been adopted by her foster family, Whitney and Jacob


Stella is a calmer, friendly, 2-3 year old smooth-coated terrier and Shiba Inu mix. She weighs 19 pounds. She's extremely healthy and has a great personality. She is the type of dog that wants to be a lap dog! Stella is crate trained, house trained, and good with dogs and cats. With hyper dogs she is a bit timid, but is friendly with other dogs. She would do well in a home with or without other pets. We are looking for a forever home, foster or foster-to-adopt situation. stella-foreverhome


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Stella was rescued from an abusive situation in Korea. A mentally ill, homeless woman had Stella since she was a puppy. The woman dragged the poor dog around on foot from place to place until Stella's paw pads were worn off. The very tip of her left ear was cut off. An animal lover rescued her from this abuse and rehabilitated her in a foster home for 6 months. She doesn't show any signs of this terrible ordeal other than her left ear shape.

Mixed breeds have a difficult time getting adopted in Korea, so they sent her here to California to find a forever home. She deserves to be loved and adored! Stella is a pleasure to be around and would make a wonderful companion for you!

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