Bailey was adopted by the lovely Debbie from San Diego


Bailey the Cocker Spaniel

Bailey is a 3-4 years old Cocker Spaniel who weighs 25 pounds. Bailey is such a fabulous dog - affectionate, sweet tempered, good with dogs, cats, kids and completely house trained. He hangs out with other dogs well, although he doesn't actually play with them. He would be suitable for a home with or without other pets. His markings are beautiful and matches his disposition.

Bailey is active, obedience trained and LOVES to play fetch with his people; Personality, looks and training all combine perfectly to make this a wonderful dog! Bailey is being treated for a ringworm infection with oral anti fungal pills, but treatment is going well and he will make a full recovery. Bailey had a recheck appointment 12-5 with the veterinary dermatologist. He's still on antifungal pills for another month, but 2 culture tests have come back negative for ringworm! They will know in 21 days if he can officially be declared ringworm free! We are currently scheduling meet and greet appointments for potential adopters of Bailey.

Despite the negative ringworm cultures, Bailey still has itchy paws. The vet feels he may have a treatable allergy. We just need to discover to what he is allergic. We are starting him on an 8 week rabbit and potato food trial to see if it's a food allergy. For environmental allergies he will continue to require a Malaseb medicated bath once a week, but that can easily be done at home since he isn't contagious. They can do an environmental allergy test after the food trial, but that is expensive, so the dr. thought we should do the food trial first.

He was homeless for quite awhile and was rescued living a very hard life in a sewer, which is how he caught the ringworm (same infection as athletes' foot). It's an easily treated problem, it just takes awhile. Since ringworm is contagious, Bailey is kept separated from his foster family's other dogs, by baby gates. His living environment is cleaned regularly with a dilute bleach solution. Once we get the all clear from his culture test, this will not have to be done anymore.

Bailey demonstrates his obedience skills in this video!

In this video he demonstrates how he loves to play fetch.






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