Good Nutrition Is Now Even MORE Delicious


Now when you buy this top quality diet you are not just helping your pet live a longer, healthier life - you are also helping other pets.I love Life's Abundance products so much and believe so strongly in the company I became a distributor. Here are just a few reasons why: Small, boutique company. Does not spend money on advertising - spends it on highest quality ingredients. Does not sell in mass quantities. Makes all food in small batches to ensure maximum nutrition, freshness, quality AND safety Unique distribution. Shipped fresh (usually within a couple of weeks) from their facility in Florida straight to your pet's bowl. I discovered Life's Abundance about 6 years ago after the first devastating pet food recall. I was sickened to discover a couple of my clients lost their dogs to contaminated food. This led me on a mission to research the pet food industry. You wouldn't believe what I found. Everything from lack of regulation to even vivisection. Yes, that's right routine animal testing on dogs (beagles) kept in laboratories by some brands that advertise how much they love dogs. It's sickening.

With 4 dogs and a cat (not to mention 2 human kids) to feed, home cooking was not an option for me. My research to find the best (and most ethical) commercially prepared pet food led me to Life's Abundance. In addition to their Facilities being USDA & APHIS certified. I also loved: Developed by a holistic veterinarian. Baked at low temperatures to retain maximum nutrition. Direct distribution keeps product controlled for optimum nutrition and safety Shipped fresh to your door OR pick up at the Fullerton warehouse within weeks of being made. BONUS - Safety The unique way it is distributed - straight to you not stores - makes it possible for Life's Abundance to maintain control of every aspect. From sourcing the best possible ingredients to delivery fresh to your pet's bowl.

Since it is not sold by retailers there is no chance for the food to become contaminated by outside sources and it does not sit on shelves for months (or years).

BONUS - Peace of mind Life's Abundance has never had any safety issues in it's 14 year history. But if there ever was an issue, because you order direct from the company, they will contact YOU. Talk about peace of mind.

All this and Life's Abundance most likely costs less than the commercial brand you are feeding now. Compare your brand.