Lucy the Poochon was adopted!!


Lucy the Poochon

Lucy was adopted by a lovely woman named Mary. She will be living in Claremont with 3 Collies and a cat for playmates. Lucy is an adorable and friendly 11 pound toy poodle and Bichon Frise mix. Both poodles and bichon are non-shedding dogs, but she'll need regular baths and grooming. She is 2 years old, has a wonderful personality and is great with other dogs and children.


Lucy the Poochon was rescued by Welcome Home Dog Rescue from the Orange County Animal Shelter. Her owner brought her in because she wasn't house trained, but her foster mom trained this super smart girl and she is now house trained and crate trained!.  Lucy is smart as whip! She caught on quickly when our Adoption Coordinator taught her some basic commands. She caught on quickly to house training. She has some separation anxiety with her foster mom, but she is learning well using redirection.

Lucy really likes to be held in your arms, sit on your lap or sit next to you. She would be perfect for a retired person or someone who is home a lot and wants a love bug dog! She has started weekly obedience training classes and is doing very well. She will still need to be trained further, since she is a bit needy and attention-seeking, but this dog's devotion is truly heartwarming. She is wonderfully patient with children!

Lucy has so much love to give! She is very affectionate and will attach to a new family quickly! If you want a soft, fluffy, sweet furball to add to your family, Lucy is the one!



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