#2 reason your dog doesn’t listen to you

No offense, but sometimes your dog is just not that into you. Heard that line before? Seems weird coming from your dog. But there’s a lot in every dog’s world that can be more interesting than even the dearest of owners.As a professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant I’ve just about heard it all over the past 20 years. But one of the biggest complaints I get from dog owners is that their dogs just don’t listen to them. There are 5 big reasons I’ve noticed over the years that leads to this canine selective hearing disorder. As with all behavior issues, your dog’s behavior is in direct response to your behavior. So here's the #2 reason your dog doesn’t listen to you. 2.) You’ve taught him to ignore you. I notice this scenario happening at dog parks in particular. The dog is running around playing with his little doggie buddies having a grand time. Then the owner calls the dog. He runs to the owner who then promptly puts the leash on him and they exit the park.

What has the dog just learned? Coming to you is no fun. Coming to you is the end of play. Next time - don’t come.

Another way we teach them not to come is through the games we play with them. A common game owners play with their dogs is the chase game. In the chase game the owner chases their dog around the yard or room. The dog runs away and keeps just ahead of the owner as the game continues. What is the learning? Run from the owner.

Next week I'll tell you about the #3 reason your dog doesn't listen to you. Make sure you aren't making this common mistake. questions? Ready to enroll in a class or training program? call (714)393-0432 or email cindy@thedogsetc.com

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