Geppetto's new name is Bandit and he has a new FOREVER family


Say hello to handsome Gepetto! Gepetto was one of a litter of street dogs who were born and raised on the street in S. Korea. His house was a rubber bucket that was put upside down with only a little hole. The worst part was that he was tied with a short chain so he was only able to take a few steps out from his rubber bucket home.

Gepetto was rescued by good people along with his mom and siblings, but he was the only one who wasn’t adopted. He is a bit shy with strangers, but he opens his heart once he feels comfortable, usually a couple of hours. Gepetto likes to play with other gentle dogs and he is good with kids too. If you can open your home and heart for this loving, young boy. who has had to go through a lot, please contact us. Please give Gepetto a second chance and the good

life he deserves.

Geppetto was rescued by the awesome Professor Kang in Korea where he was treated for his health issues and problems with his eyes and skin.

However, through recovery and with a lot of love from both their foster families and the organization he's now living happily with his

new FOREVER family Greg McGhee.

"We are fine thank you. Bandit has really adjusted well.  He loves going for walks & to the dog park.  He is protective of us at the dog park.  He is eating well and seems happy"

says Greg.



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