Tofu the pug is adopted!


Tofu is a handsome 25 pound young, neutered male Pug. This happy and social pug was an owner surrender in South Korea. Tofu really loves company, so it'd be best if you have another secure, calm, non-dominant dog, work from home or are at home frequently. You won't find a more loving little friend. Tofu would especially like a calm female as his family member. He is good with kids, but because he's a bit bossy, 12 and up would be best.

His USA foster mom says he is affectionate, but not clingy. He just really enjoys being around his family. He loves toys and she is teaching him how to share with other dogs. He's a bit possessive about his food and toys because he has had several temporary homes before he was finally rescued by a pug rescue in S. Korea.

Tofu's foster mom's fondest wish is that Tofu will find a home where he feels secure and loved, with someone who will have that unique combination of affection and discipline.

Tofu can be shy at first, but he will bond with you quickly and will follow you everywhere once trust has been established. His foster mom in Korea called him Genius Tofu because he is such a quick learner. He knows the basic commands. If you are looking for a fun, smart, affectionate companion, Tofu is the the one. This boy is really looking for someone to love! Are you his person?

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