The exile of Sebastian & Agatha


The exile of Sebastian & Agatha

Sebastian and Agatha are giant schnauzers who come to us from the mountain trails of S. Korea.  The two were found off trail tied to a tree, left to die in the sweltering monsoon summer heat: Sebastian and Agatha were abandoned by their previous owners in the mountain.   They sat tied to a tree for days on end, left defenseless and unable to run away from the sad reality or to run back into town.   Sebastian and Agatha went from being their owners pride and joy; the center of the world, to not only off the grid but tied helplessly to a tree without any food or water.  It was the making of a tragic disaster.  They were first noticed by a local hiker but he too assumed that no one would be foolish enough to abandon their dogs in the forest so he continued about his business.  Couple more days had passed and the same hiker who now was appalled to see them still bound to a tree, had contacted the local shelter;  Sebastian & Agatha was finally untied from the tree and moved to a shelter.  Even when their twist of fate dealt a heavy blow, Sebastian & Agatha persevered and are back in high spirits.  With the joint efforts of our affiliate rescues in S. Korea, we plan to rescue Sebastian & Agatha to the U.S and WHDR is asking for your help to make it possible.

Stories such as Sebastian and Agatha remind us of the value of charity in our lives, our families and in our communities and reinforce our innate nature for compassion.   Local donations and community support are the lifeblood of our non-profit organization.  With your support and the support of our volunteer staff, foster parents and adaptors, Welcome Home Dog Rescue can continue to provide the services needed by our communities here in the states and abroad. 

Welcome Home Dog Rescue is a registered non-profit organization driven by 100% organic volunteerism deeply committed to the cause of finding homes for displaced dogs, educating the public and raising awareness.  We find homes for rescued pets boasting 100% success rates, connecting dogs and families locally and across the pacific.  The story of Sebastian and Agatha is easily one of the most senseless examples of how we treat our beloved dogs.  These are true stories with real consequences and unfortunately there are many more dogs that were not as fortunate as Sebastian and Agatha.  Every dollar counts and there are no donations that’s too small.  Please join us in our endeavor to change the life of a dog, one at a time.

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