Soojung - the very special boy met very special family




Soojung (Soo-jong) means crystal in Korean.  This name was given to him  to denote his clear and pretty eyes.

Soojung was rescued from one of the shelter in S. Korea  by  korea rescue group 'People Defending Animals'. Soojung got adopted in December of 2012 by a man who wanted to adopt Soojung as a christmas gift for his children.  The man complained about Soojung's eyes being slightly off center saying he's "cross-eyed" to volunteer who was helping him with the adoption process.  Despite the mans rant about 
Soojungs slight abnormality, the volunteer was able to convince him to adopt Soojung.  
Eight months later....
The rescue group received a call from the man saying that Soojung was injured and is at the local vet.  Soojung was found with a deep puncture wound on his LEFT eye and dislocated hip (hip luxation) likely due to trauma.  The vet said they were told by the man that Soojung ran into a end of a broom stick, then the man told the volunteer that Soojung ran into the corner of his glass table.  Soojungs left eye was not repairable and had to be removed.  Soojungs hip like any other hip luxation, the femoral head had to be cut off and surgically reattached to the hip which luckily lead to full recovery.  The man we heard.....purchased a maltese puppy to replace Soojung couple days after the incident and never heard from him again.
Soojung was returned to the same rescue group, got treated then flown over to Los Angeles in July of 2013 by Welcome Home Dog Rescue and is currently in loving care of our foster parents.
Soojung sees the world just as clearly with his remaining eye.  Despite his horrific circumstances, he still greets everyone with a tail wag and show no anxiety or aggression problems.  It's as if Soojung knows that he's in good hands and that his perfect forever home is coming and coming very soon.
Soojung is a 2 year old, male, toy poodle that aims to please, fully house broken and very attached.
Come and meet Soojung, he's undoubtedly a very special dog.