Brownie is waiting to be hugged



20130802_200811 CIMG2515 CIMG2458Do you want to know how Brownie came to Welcome Home Dog Rescue?

Brownie is a young healthy maltipoo who is full of energy. Brownie is about 2years old, weighs about 13lb. He is only 2 years old but had to change homes few times already. Brownie's 1st owner lost their home through foreclosure and Brownie was given to another couple along with Brownie's friends. The couple already had 2 dogs of their own and by taking in 3 more didn't work out well with the landlord and they were all kicked out of the aparment. Thankfully, a nice lady offered to foster him until a forever home is found and he is now being cared for by his foster mom. Brownie has restless poodle personality so he really loves to run around. He is very curious about his surroundings like a newborn but is not destructive. Brownie will do best with active family or a couple who can take him for walks everyday and even for a hike. If you are looking for a light jogging mate or a companion to take to camping or hiking and a life long companion, Brownie is your boy.